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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Gemination or Fusion

When Yirmi's right front top tooth started to come in, I would look at it, wondering exactly how it was going to work itself out. I'd never heard of teeth being abnormal (except for mine that are yellow - both my baby and permanent teeth). It took a few times before I realized that something really wasn't right. It looked like either the tooth is split into a larger tooth and a smaller tooth or that two teeth were coming in fused together - either way, the larger tooth was too small to be a middle tooth and together they're too big to be a middle tooth.

I showed Ohad, who agreed that something was wrong and then, as soon as I got a chance, I called my really good friend (who happens to be my SIL too) who's a dentist. She knew right away what it was - tooth gemination or fusion. She said she'd seen quite a few cases and that the two main issues are that 1) you can't treat the teeth - if they get a cavity you can't fill it and 2) they sometimes don't fall out on their own when the permanent teeth come in & therefore have to be pulled. I read up on it and found that it's not that rare (1 in 200 in general, far less in front teeth) and that it rarely effects permanent teeth.

We realize this is not a big deal at all - more interesting than anything else, I guess.

I just wonder what we're supposed to answer when people ask how many teeth he has ;-)

*Edited Aug 12, 2009*

So many people have come into this blog looking for pictures of tooth gemination and since I have more recent ones, since the tooth finished growing in, I’m putting them up here. Surprisingly, it’s much less noticeable than I thought it would be.

gemination - front tooth split into two teeth gemination - another view

This is what Yirmi thinks about me taking so many pictures of his teeth. Such a cutie :-)Yirmi's feeling about the photoshoot...




  • looks like he was super excited about having his mouth photographed! how ever did you get that picture? piper will not even let me peek!

    By Blogger Sarah, at 7:07 AM  

  • That is really interesting. I am also impressed you got the picture anytime I want someone to look in Matty's mouth he closes it tight.

    By Blogger Jenna, at 10:31 AM  

  • Weird! So cool

    By Blogger Fertilized, at 8:18 PM  

  • That's so interesting! I'd say two and a half teeth. So cool. I'm glad it's nothing to worry about.

    By Blogger Sara, at 3:38 AM  

  • My oldest daughter had what looked like 5 incisors across the top of her mouth. Dentist said the extra one was probably attached to the one next to it under the gum line and not to worry about it. They were right: It fell out eventually (she's now 10) and the new permanent tooth grew in just fine, looking like only one tooth.

    By Blogger miriamp, at 5:30 PM  

  • He is adorable! I'm glad that his interesting tooth gave you a good reason to post a recent pic.

    By Blogger Sara, at 5:41 PM  

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